Tuesday after Labor Day to Feb. 29th…9am to 5pm
March 1st to Labor Day………………..8am to 6pm

The Caverns of Sonora is open daily year round, and is only closed on Christmas Day.

All tours offered at Caverns of Sonora are guided, walking tours. The cave is 71 degrees with a 98% humidity level which makes it feel about 85 degrees. Be sure to dress appropriately; no jackets or sweaters are necessary. There are approximately 360 stair steps throughout the tour. Cameras are welcome on all our tours, but we do not allow camera bags, purses, backpacks, fannypacks, or any other type of containers in the cave. Food, drinks, gum, and tobacco products are also prohibited. Animals are not allowed in the cave, but we do provide free, on site kennels. These precautions are taken to ensure the safety of our guests, as well as the cave itself.

Crystal Palace Tour

This guided tour leaves from the visitors’ center in groups of 12 or less throughout the day. The tour covers just under 2 miles of trail and takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. The historic section of the cavern is seen as you enter the site of the natural entrance. The tour then progresses into the active, living area where the entire cave is covered with formations, and eventually exits through a tunnel in the northern section of the cave.

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